Friday, October 22, 2010

Dirty Drawings by a Creepy Man

Videocon was fucking awesome. I love doing events with friends (Christopher Burdett, Friends of the Institute) I had so many fun conversations. It easily trumped Geek Night in terms of geekiness (step up your game < 25 year olds). So if you were there and you stopped by to talk or hang out for a bit, hey, thank you.

This is also the first time I publicly talked about Dirty Drawings by a Creepy Man, which is a show I've been working on with Ward Henry Jr, a prolific Tallahassee artist. The term "artist" immediately breeds a misconception about Ward and what he does. He doesn't really come at his drawings with the idea that they are for anyone but himself and, frankly, that's a breath of fresh air.

The show is at The Strange Circus Gallery, Railroad Square, Tallahassee, FL on November 5th, 6pm. Ward and I will be there most of the night, so you should come by and check it out. The show has well over 300 drawings in it, so there will be plenty to take in. Plus, you'll get to talk to Ward, which is a bit of a show in and of itself.

I'm going to see if I can throw a preview gallery up sometime next week so you can see some of the work that will be in the show.

Also, there's going to be some new items in the store next week!

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  1. Hey, I googled you and found you online because I believe I got a letter in the mail for you. I live on Jackson St. and the letter is for you on Milton St. but I walked down Milton and couldn't find the address- it's a nice looking letter, like a wedding invite, so I thought you would like to have it. My e-mail is if you would like to tell me where you live, I would be happy to walk it over to your place.