Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Meathaus, my favorite art blog, is reppin' some of my new stuff.

Has Anyone Ever Told You That You Look Like Buddy Holly? is my new sketch zine. My printer is all busted up so it's an extremely limited run, currently. Once that's fixed it'll be available to order at the store.

In the meantime, I highly recommend any of the Go For the Gold books that Meathaus publishes. They are all chock full of awesomeness, featuring Brandon Graham, Jonny Negron, Pendleton Ward, HARVEYJAMES, James Jean, and others, including Chris McD, who throws it all together.

Also, have you heard that there is a kickstarter for Very Near Mint Vol. 2? It's true that the goal has already been hit, but anything you can contribute will still help greatly. Plus, you're probably going to get the book early. Boo yeah.

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