Friday, October 7, 2011

Twitter Avatars


Well, I turned my pockets inside out and I got nothin'. Checked my fridge and that's empty too. So I'm taking a chip off the ol' block (that's what I call Justin Peterson) and opening up my schedule to make some Twitter avatars.

Here's how it's going down:

1. Order avatar from the Adventuring Company store.
2. Email me ( a photo of the person you'd like depicted in the avatar, and any other specifcations (i.e. bunny costume, three noses, etc).
3. Wait patiently for a few days. Think about how you upgraded me from beans and rice to beans and YELLOW rice (I love yellow rice; you could say I'm "mad about safron".)
4. Receive avatar and hi-res files for printing!

Next week I will open commissions, so if there's anything you've ever wanted drawn by yours truly, the time to make the request is right around the corner! And yes, I will pretty much draw anything.

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